Every business persons worst nightmare is a hardware crash. Whether it is the server or your personal computer that fails, there are countless files, documents and sensitive emails that need to be recovered. When you feel like you fried a hard drive or your computer lock you out, you work may seem like it is inaccessible and you need to start all over again but data recovery is an option.

Common causes of data lass

Crashed Hard drives

With business become more and more mobile and global, laptops have become the go-to business tool. Laptops however are more susceptible to physical and environmental damage and this can cause the inbuilt hard drive to crash.

If the laptop has been accidentally dropped, has been exposed to water or extreme temperature of even if there has been a serious software corruption, the hard drive could potentially crash. A recovery team could potentially find data and replace your hard drive.

Accidental (or purposeful) deletion

Often one might accidentally delete important files or emails, or possibly a disgruntled employee may delete something crucial before leaving. If an email file is too large, it too can be lost by the email program and data corruption can happen for a multitude of reasons.

Recovering deleted data is one of our teams specialties, however if you have accidently deleted something be sure to not further use your PC as you might accidentally overwrite it and lose it permanently.

Oakville Tech

At Oakville Tech, we have a team dedicated to recovering your lost data. Your satisfaction is our mandate, and every job we take is completed with professional efficiency. Contact us today for data recovery and hard drive replacement and ensure that you get the best service possible.