Most of us find it impossible to live without desktops and laptops. So, when your keyboard is not working, it is much more than an inconvenience – it is a calamity! And, as Murphy never sleeps, it will probably happen right when an urgent paper or project is due. Yikes!

  • Keyboard Collapse

Your keyboard is a vital link between you and the screen. When your computer keyboard fails to respond, the result is the same: you can’t use the system! Yup, computer/keyboard collapse is the modern version of ‘the dog ate my homework!’

  • To Repair Or To Replace

While a  desktop’s keyboard is relatively easy to fix (and if all attempts fail, you can simply buy a new one and plug it in), the situation is slightly more challenging with a laptop. Buying the latest model with the best specs available can be a costly (and unplanned) venture.

But there is a glimmer of hope – when your keyboard stops working, it does not necessarily mean you need to replace it. You may be able to solve some common keyboard problems.

  • Faults & Fixes

The following are possible causes of keyboard malfunction:

      • Hardware

      If keys stick or certain keys become unresponsive, the culprits may be dirt and dust. Try cleaning the keyboard by turning it upside down to release the trapped dirt. If that doesn’t fix the problem, use a can of compressed air to spray a jet of air between the keys, releasing any debris. And, if that doesn’t work, call on the experts.

      • Software

      A software problem could indicate that your keyboard driver is probably corrupted, and it will have to be replaced. If you don’t want to pay the experts (and you are brave enough), this repair can be attempted by yourself. But, play it safe – create a restore point!

      • Settings

      Check that the “Number Lock” setting is not turned on by mistake.

      • Password Protection

      If entering your login information produces an error message, verify that the ‘Caps Lock’ key hasn’t been activated accidentally.


When All Else Fails – Pick the Best

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