Macbooks and other Apple products are always sleek, smooth, well-engineered and more damage resistant with their aluminum housing. This being the case, however, they do still require repairs on occasion. Software faults can cripple a system and they are prone to damage from dropping, resulting in cracked screens and broken internal components.

With an investment such as a Mac, you want to ensure that you are leaving it in good hands for repairs.  At Oakville Tech, we have an experienced team of experts that specializes in Mac repairs and only uses original Apple or OEM replacement parts.

Common Reasons for Repair

Like any other system, Apple products can be faulty, and some faults are more common than others.

Battery Issues

Without a consistent battery, your Macbook stops being portable and cannot be relied on when unplugged. Batteries can also swell, overheat and leak. All these are cause for concern and can cause serious damage to your Macbook.

Faulty Keyboard

As one of the most vital components that sees daily use, the keyboard of any system is susceptible to wear and tear. The keypad may have trouble registering button presses and the trackpad may interpret signals incorrectly.

Cracked Screen

One of the most common reasons that Macbooks get sent in for repair is due to a cracked screen. While the glass is tempered and relatively damage resistant, it does have its breaking point. Luckily we are experts in screen replacement.

Water Damage

As work stations, Macbooks and Macs are often in close proximity to water, coffee and other beverages. Sometimes mistakes do happen, but we have the knowledge and expertise to get that coffee out of your keyboard and get you back to being productive.

The Best in the Business

At Oakville Tech, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. We are the best in the business, and delivery only quality with professional consistency. Contact us today if you need Mac Repairs