The Operating System (OS) of a PC is the core software that allows a PC to function. It is the foundation of the computer. All other programs and runtimes are built on top on the operating system and require it to run. The operating system links files and employs the hardware of the computer o do work. As such it is often the target of malware like viruses and Trojan. On some occasions there will be an operating system glitch due to corrupted files or incorrect installs which can break the system.

In these rare cases, the operating system needs to be re-installed. This is no mean feat, as without an operating system in place the computer or tablet has no framework upon which to build. A technician will be able to install the operating system of your choice on your device.

The Various Operating Systems

There are 3 major operating systems that are used across most devices:

  • Microsoft Windows
    This is the most common operating system and the default for most laptops and work office spaces
  • macOS
    This is the operating system used in Apple products
  • Linux
    This is a more niche operating system and is used mainly in an IT environment

Each OS has its strength and weaknesses, and we can do repairs and OS reinstallation on all of them when they break.


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