Upgrading to a new operating system (OS) can be a stressful experience. Your device’s OS is as vital to it as oxygen is to you, so a seamless upgrade is essential to ensure a smooth transition.

Bite the Bullet

When you buy your desktop or laptop, the OS is usually installed. Easy enough, right? The ‘angst’ starts when it is time to upgrade your OS. Hoping for the best, but fearing the worst, you approach operation upgrades with trepidation because you know there are always things that can go wrong. And boy, can they go wrong!

Common Calamities

  • Data Defeat

Upgrading your operating system should leave your data intact. But, what if something goes wrong?

  • False Start

What could be worse than installing your new operating system, and then, when activating it, learning that you don’t have a genuine copy of Windows?

  • Freaky Freezes

Ever heard of computer purgatory? This is where you are stuck when the setup process fails in the middle of an upgrade – with neither the old nor the new OS working.

  • Lockout Lamentation

You’ve upgraded to a new operating system and now you’re being denied access to some of your files.


  • Mismatched Mayhem

Some applications may no longer be able to run – perhaps an irritation if your favorite game won’t work, but possibly disastrous if a (deadline-due) business application fails to run.

  • Performance Problems

The upgrade installation proceeded without problems – yay! – but the new OS runs much slower than the old one did.

  • Short on Memory

Insufficient RAM can make it impossible to install the OS upgrade.

Call on the Experts

With so much at stake, it is best to call on the experts at Oakville Tech to ease your transition to the new OS. We will ensure the upgrade is successful and all the programs and apps are functioning. The Oakville Tech team is dedicated to providing our clients with all-around, affordable computer solutions. We have a superb track record of quality repairs and services, and are backed by highly knowledgeable, skilled technicians guaranteed to get you going again in no time at all!