With such a major emphasis placed on technology on connectivity in both our personal and professional lives, having that technology breakdown on you can be completely debilitating. We need our PC’s and laptops to do work and stay connected in our professional spheres, and at home our technology provides us with means to stay informed and relax, whether it is reading the news, playing video games or streaming series and documentaries.

Laptops and PC’s are sensitive pieces of equipment and can be damaged or broken for a variety of reasons. The experts at Oakville tech, however, are specialists in PC or Laptop repairs and will be able to rectify nearly all the issues one might encounter with a Laptop or PC.

Common PC/Laptop Issues

With the complexity of these systems, PC’s and laptops play host to a whole menagerie of problems, both software and hardware related. Some problems are more common than others though.

  • Power supplies have occasionally burned out
  • Screens can crack, as well as flicker an die
  • Pieces of hardware such as the motherboard or RAM slots can malfunction
  • Peripherals, like the speakers and the microphone, are susceptible to damage

At Oakville Tech we have a team of technical experts poised to tackle any internal hardware repair and replacement services, and because we understand the need to stay connected in this fast-paced world, we also have same day service available.


Don’t settle for less than the best

Customer satisfaction is key in our service philosophy. We aren’t happy with anything less than the best and you shouldn’t be either. With our team of professionals ready to repair any device, we ensure professional quality and efficiency in our work. Contact us today to get any device booked in for repairs, and take advantage of our dame day service offering.