Any PC, Laptop or tablet is comprised of two separate but interdependent hemispheres: Software and hardware. Hardware is the physical components and parts that make up a device. The hard drive, motherboard and all other pieces of the laptop or PC make up the hardware. Software the code and programming that runs on the device. These two entities are interdependent and work together to create the functional device that you use every day.

This, in turn means that on occasion it is the software issues that you will experience that will render your device unusable. Much like hardware issues, there are avenues for repair that you can take advantage of. At Oakville Tech, an experienced team of specialists will be ready and waiting to solve and software issues you might be experiencing.

Is it Software or Hardware?

Often, it is difficult to tell whether an issue you are experiencing is the fault of a software or hardware issue. In some cases it can be either and further investigation will be required by an expert but there are flags that indicate whether your problem is a software related one. These flags include:

  • Commands interpreted incorrectly
  • Your computer freezes often
  • Email Attachments won’t open
  • Pop-up advertisements
  • Google performs in strange ways
  • A single program does not behave the way it is supposed to


All of these issues normally point to a software issue, but there are other symptoms of software problems that can be unique to each case.

Go with the best

At Oakville Tech, we understand the frustration of a computer not doing what you want it to. Whether it is a malware infection, software that needs updating or a general fix, repair and replacement we will ensure that you receive the service you expect and the satisfaction you deserve. Contact us today to book in your Laptop or PC for Software issue repair.