A smartphone is an array of interlocking and interwoven systems all working together  create the smartphone that you see in your hand and use on a daily basis. One such system is the Smartphone Audio system. This system comprises of the microphone and speakers, and it one of the more sensitive systems as it interacts with the outside world, either receiving input in the form of sou ds in the case of the microphone, our creating sounds as a form of output in the case of the speakers

Being such a sensitive system, smartphones can play host to a variety of audio issues. Luckily, in most cases these audio issues can be repaired and the phone as whole does not have to be replaced. Audio repair is a relatively straightforward process, but it requires a qualified hand.

Audio Issue Symptoms

The first step in diagnosing an audio issue is to understand what symptoms is emits and knowing that the problem lies with the audio system.

Speaker issues

Speaker issues are most often characterised by a drop in the quality of sound. This can be a sudden low volume or complete silence, strange sound distortion, buzzing or static sounds. All of these are often symptoms of a damaged smartphone speaker which requires replacement.

Microphone issues

Microphone issues are often more difficult to diagnose as there is no direct feedback to you. The best way to see if you have microphone issues is during phone calls if the other party says your voice sounds cracked or distorted or they can’t hear you at all. If this is the case your microphone might need replacement.


Oakville Tech

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