A camera comes standard in almost all models of today’s smartphones. This small device allows to take snapshots of our lives at any moment and has opened up a entire range of social, professional and practical options that were unavailable before cameras become so commonplace and handy.

However, such practicality results in a lot of use and anything used on a daily basis is bound to encounter some problems. Camera repairs can be tricky but at Oakville Tech our experts are equal to any challenge.   

Common Camera Faults

A camera is a separate system inside the smartphone. It is integrated into the smart device but it is still very much a camera and is susceptible to and problems that a camera might face.

  • A cracked lens
    Shock impact from a drop could cause the lens of the camera to crack. This renders the camera completely useless and as such will have to be replaced
  • Displacement
    Much the same as the cracked lens, a drop of all can cause a component of the camera to become displaced. This can cause a variety of issues from blurred images to the camera not working at all. This issue can possibly be repaired by a technician

Water Damage
Water is the smartphone case could cause some of the component to short and burn out and this will limit or completely halt the functionality of the camera

Oakville Tech Repairs

At Oakville tech we have the expertise to repair broken, mal-functioning and all non-responsive camera units in smart devices. Our experts are certified to disassemble your smartphone and repair or replace any component that has a fault. We can also repair any damaged cause by exposure to water. Contact us today to send your phone for repairs and get back to snapping photos!IoQFhRFw2uLA5HHy