A smartphone is a marriage of many systems, each with a specific role and each working together to give you the smartphone experience. Occasionally, one system may have a fault, how there may be some external factor that causes a component to fail and you smartphone will stop working. In this case you are going to need to hardware repairs on your smartphone.

Tips to keep your smartphone healthy

While there are obvious reasons why a phone may break, like dropping it or submerging it in water, there are less obvious habits that can cause component damage in a smartphone over time. Some of these can be easily rectified and can extend the life of your device.

  • Leaving your phone plugged in:
    When your phone reaches 100% battery life, leaving it plugged in beyond that can cause it to overheat and damage not only the battery but also surrounding components
  • Overheating:
    A phone can overheat not only when it is charging but also when there are too many apps running simultaneously, or it is running without adequate means of airflow. Much the same as leaving it on charge, this overheating effect can damage hardware components
  • Dropping your phone:
    There are a multitude of cases and protective covers for any model of smartphone, but this does not completely make them immune to falling damage. The case might prevent cosmetic damage or stop the screen from cracking, but the shock from the landing of the phone could cause components inside it to become dislodged or break.


Oakville Tech

At Oakville tech we are experts in both the software and hardware of smartphones. Our repair facilities are exhaustive and can accommodate just about any smartphone hardware repair.

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