The keypad of the cell phone is the means by which we input our text number and commands to tell the smartphone what to do. It is the most used aspect of the phone and a vital connection between the user and the device. If the keypad stops working, the smartphone loss most of its functionality as commands can no longer be passed to it.

While most keypads today form part of the touchscreen, there are still a fair amount of dedicated keypads with tactile buttons. In addition, the home button on most major smartphones is a physical button that could be damaged and in need of repair. If these buttons stop registering inputs, you need send the device in for keypad repairs.

Common Reasons for keypad failure

The keypad on a phone consists of three parts: A the physical keys which we type, a membrane that registers which keys we hit and a circuit board that receives the signal. When a keypad breaks it is often one of these three components that are faulty.

  • Due to shock from a drop, the circuitry beneath the keyboard could break and it won’t register key presses no matter how hard one types
  • Water damage or exposure to high temperatures could also damage the underlying circuitry leaving the keypad disabled
  • The interleafing membrane could be dented or broken meaning keypad presses don’t register on the circuit board.

All three of these problems are reparable, and a certified technician could attend to them and deliver same day service.

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