The software in a smartphone is what allows it to operate, it is what runs in the background, utilising all the device’s hardware and making it functional. However, with the amount of customisation available as well as the number of apps and operations available to the user for download, it is inevitable that at some point something will go wring and the system will crash When this happens, you need an expert that can look behind the scenes of your smart device and apply the correct software fix to get your phone up and running again.

Common Problems

Almost all smartphone software problems are unique and require a tailor made solution, but they often are the result of more common problems.

Incompatible Software

occasionally, two or more sets of software will tell the smartphone to do contradictory things. This is known as incompatible software and often needs a workaround. Software clashes often happen when your smartphone is subject to software upgrades that alter the way the software works

Corrupted Apps

Occasionally, a failed download, incomplete uninstall or incorrect installation will result in an app or file to become corrupted. This can cause software relying on this file or app to crashm and may make your phone unusable.


Malware is software specifically designed to damage your device. Malware includes viruses, Trojans and other unsavoury programs that disguise themselves as benign files and damage or steal myour data when installed.


Trust the Best

When dealing with something as sensitive as a software fix on your mobile device, you want to know your smartphone is in good hands, Oakville Tech are the ‘go to guys’ for all matter smartphone elated, and will ensure customer satisfaction. Contact us today to book your device in for a software fix.